Stouffers Soup and Sandwich Combo

The other day at the grocery store I had a coupon for Stouffers Corner Bistro Soup and Sandwich combo.  There were three different varieties.  I personally am addicted to baked potato soup, so when I saw the Chicken Bacon Ranch stuffed melt with baked potato soup – I couldn’t resist!  Lucky for me – it was even on sale!!!

The only downfall that I found to this combo is the amount of time it takes to cook it.  Over 5 minutes – that takes a big chunk of time out of my lunch break.  While the soup container isn’t that large – it is a decent sized portion that pairs very nicely with the stuffed melt.  I really enjoy dipping the stuffed melt into the soup and then eating.

Look for these on sale – they are a great deal!



A few months ago,, gave me the opportunity to try out Covergirl’s Smokey Shadow Blast eye shadow.  I have really become fond of it not only for the cost but also the wide color selection.  The variety of colors allows you to get that perfect smokey eye look in just minutes.  One one end of the applicator is the primary color and on the opposite end is an accent color that when applied together make your eyes POP!  Some of the colors are a little extreme for me – ex. bright green, but my all time favorite is the copper colors that seem to go with any outfit and on any occasion!

Extreme Couponing

So the show “Extreme Couponing” will now be a series on TLC.  This show intrigued me when it aired in January as just a one episode installment.  If you didn’t watch it – basically these individuals pay basically nothing for an extreme amount of food – think $2.64 for more than $600 worth of items.  Now I love couponing, however my house would not be able to hold that many groceries and supplies.  I typically average about 40-60% off all of my grocery bills and I am not going to any crazy measures to get that.

This show however shows how some individuals go to extremes such as dumpster diving to get coupons.  I know where I live – it is illegal to go dumpster diving so I can skip that idea!    Another downfall is that many stores where I live do not allow you to use more than one coupon per item so that idea is also out.

Tune in on Wed. nights at 9 starting in April for this show.  Hopefully we all can learn some new tricks to couponing to help us all be resourceful!

Nail Polish

Over the past few years I have tried to save money and purchase jars of nail polish and paint my own nails rather then get a manicure.  Yes – Manicures are very relaxing however at $15 a week, it adds up to over $750 in a year.  I can’t justify to myself that color on my nails is worth that much!  So I have been trying out different types of nail polish that you would find in the nail salons.

After testing many, I now rely on O.P.I. Nail Lacquer found at Ulta. With applying a base coat, 2 coats of the nail lacquer and 1 layer of the top coat – your nails look like you just walked out of a nail salon.  The best part – you have an entire bottle of the lacquer to use at a later time!  This leaves your nails streak free and having everyone admire your bold color choices.

The best part of doing your own nails is the deals that Ulta has in their stores.  They send out many coupons such as $3.50 off of $10, Buy 2 get 1 free, so you never really have to pay the $8.50 original cost of one bottle.

So even if you purchase a full price bottle of the nail lacquer every week instead of getting a manicure – you would be saving over $330!  And with coupons – you will save even more – now that is being resourceful!

The Worst Movie EVER…

Since today is Presidents Day and I had off of work, I decided to take advantage of’s offer to me of a free movie.  I love how they send you codes on typically Monday and Friday to watch a free movie – I never turn them down.  Today I decided to watch Buried.  I honestly wish they would bury me alive if I ever had to sit through watching that again!!

I honestly don’t think they could have spent more then $100 making this movie.  The entire movie, Ryan Renolds was trapped inside a coffin and being held for ransom.  He found that he had a cell phone, video phone, a pencil, a knife, 2 glow sticks and a lighter.  The entire movie was from the perspective of the coffin.  An hour and a half of poor lighting and grunting from him trying to get out is very unappealing to me!

I not only give this movie 2 thumbs down – but also two big toes down!

I am a big fan of creating some random creations and when I heard about whipped cream vodka the other week at a happy hour – all I could think of was a root beer float!

To make this delicious drink combine:

1 part Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka

3 parts Root Beer of your choice

This would really be good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it!

I can think of so many other drinks I would like to make with this Whipped Cream Vodka!


So I am a huge fan of finding a great deal!  I find them from websites, friends, family and just browsing through stores.  This blog will be about the great things that I am currently loving (or disliking).  I like hearing about what others think before I purchase something – so hopefully I will be able to help others out before they make a decision.

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